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Great Lakes All About Media Special Events Advertising is a virtual creative department for Car Dealers, RV dealerships, Furniture Stores, Power Sports and much more.  We produce NewspaperRadio, and TV ads that demands attention, creates action and generates traffic for your business.  We build excitement among your customers and your employees and attract drive-by traffic with Lot Decorations Packages that let people know that something BIG is going on at your store!

Best of all, you get Down Home Personal Service, Drop of a Hat Turnaround Times and Absolutely, Positively ZERO PERCENT COMMISSION from your gross.

We give you the advertising tools you need to market your own sales event and let you keep all the commissions for you and your staff… not for ours.  Great Lakes All About Media Special Events Advertising will save you time and money, help you sell more stuff and make your life substantially easier with just a phone call.

Look around, and you’ll see tons of samples of our work at Great Lakes All About Media Special Events Advertising, then give us a call at 866-434-VOICE (8642)!

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