Customs Jingles

Welcome to Great Lakes All About Media, your link to Jinglebank a division of TM. JingleBank produces world class jingles at Small Town Prices. Today advertisers not only compete for market share but for mind share. Standing out in a crowded and competitive marketplace can be complicated. JingleBank, who has been a world class leaders in creative music for over 30 years stand ready to meet the challenge of your particular project.  Whether you want to craft a Full Custom original jingle or customize an existing jingle, we can provide the perfect image-building solution for your business.

A commercial jingle is like your letterhead or sign. It’s a musical logo! A jingle is memorable and a cost effective way to reach customers. Make your advertising more effective by building a theme which makes and leaves a lasting impression about your business. Music has a powerful effect on your emotions and leaves a positive impression about your business. Research shows that the memory retention of a commercial is ten times faster than that of an all-talking ad. Commercial jingles like:

I’m lovin it – McDonalds, Be All That You Can Be – Army, MM good – Campbell’s, and I wish I were an Oscar Myer wiener – Oscar Meyer.

Jingle Pricing

  • Cost for Customized jingle is $1995. (paid with contract)
  • Cost for FULL Customized jingle is $4,500 (paid with contract)
  • (Client receives 7-30’s and 7-60’s with various opens, closes and donuts)
  • 30-acapp, 30-front, 30-front-s, 30-full, 30-inst, 30-tag, 30-tag s
  • 60-acapp, 60-front, 60-front-s, 60-full, 60-inst, 60-tag, 60-tag s

Phone:866-434-VOICE (8642) 

Contacts:  cell: 419-912-1307